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Julie Robison, Ph.D.photo of julie robison, ph.d.

Academic Title
Associate Professor of Medicine

Ph.D., Human Development & Family Studies, Cornell University
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Epidemiology of Aging, Yale University

Areas of Research Interest
Long-Term Supports and Services, Family Caregiving, Dementia, Depression

Selected Publications
Robison, J., Shugrue, N., Porter, M., Fortinsky, R.H., & Curry, L.A. (2012). Transition from home care to nursing home: Unmet needs in a home and community-based program for older adults.  Journal of Aging and Social Policy, 24(3), 251-270.

Finkelstein, E. S., Reid, M. C., Kleppinger, A., Pillemer, K., & Robison, J. (2012). Are baby boomers who care for their older parents planning for their own future long-term care needs? Journal of Aging and Social Policy, 24(1), 29-45.

Robison, J., Shugrue, N., Reed, I., Thompson, N., Smith, P., & Gruman, C. (2011). Community-based versus institutional supportive housing: Perceived quality of care, quality of life, emotional well-being, and social interaction. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 30, 275-303.DOI: 10.1177/0733464810369810.

Kellett, K., Gruman, C., Shugrue, N., & Robison, J. (2010). Identifying the long term care needs of older and middle aged adults with mental illness. International Review of Modern Sociology, 36, 143-168.

Shugrue, N. & Robison, J. (2009).  Intensifying individual, family and caregiver stresses: Health and social effects of economic crisis.  Generations,33, 34-39.

Robison, J., Schensul, J. J., Coman, E., Diefenbach, G. J., Radda, K. E., Gaztambide, S., Disch, W. B. (2009). Mental health in senior housing: Racial/ethnic patterns and correlates of major depressive disorder. Aging and Mental Health, 13, 659-673.

Curry, L. A., Robison, J., Shugrue, N., Keenan, P., & Kapp, M. (2009). Individual decision making in the non-purchase of long-term care insurance. The Gerontologist, 49, 560-569.

Robison, J., Fortinsky, R., Kleppinger, A., Shugrue, N., & Porter, M. (2009). A broader view of family caregiving: Effects of caregiving and caregiver conditions on depressive symptoms, health, work, and social isolation. The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences; 64B, 788-798, doi: 10.1093/geronb/gbp015.

Pillemer, K., Meador, R., Henderson, C. Jr., Robison, J., Hegeman, C., Graham, E., & Schultz, L. (2008). A facility specialist model for improving retention of nursing home staff: Results from a randomized, controlled study. The Gerontologist, 48, 80-89.

Kenny, A. M., Bellantonio, S., Fortinsky, R. H., Kleppinger, A., Robison, J., Gruman, C., Trella, P., Walsh, S., & Tsmikas, J. (2008). Factors associated with skilled nursing facility transfers in dementia-specific assisted living. Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders, 22, 255-260.

Robison, J., Curry, L., Gruman, C., Porter, M., Henderson, C. H. Jr., & Pillemer, K. (2007). Partners in Caregiving in a Special Care Environment: Cooperative Communication between Staff and Families on Dementia Units. The Gerontologist, 47, 504-515.

Robison, J. & Pillemer, K. (2007). Job satisfaction and intention to quit among nursing home nursing staff: Do Special Care Units make a difference? Journal of Applied Gerontology, 26, 1-18.

Erickson, M. A., Krout, J., Ewen, H., & Robison, J. (2006). Should I stay or should I go? Moving plans of older adults. Journal of Housing for the Elderly, 20, 5-22.

Curry, L., Bradley, E. H., & Robison, J. (2004). Individual decisions regarding financing nursing home care: Psychosocial considerations. Journal of Aging Studies, 18(3), 337-352.

Robison, J., Curry, L., Gruman, C., Covington, T., Gaztambide, S., & Blank, K. (2003). Depression in later-life Puerto Rican primary care patients: The role of illness, stress, social integration, and religiosity. International Psychogeriatrics, 15(3), 239-251.

Curry, L., Gruman, C., & Robison, J. (2001). Medicaid estate planning: Perceptions of morality and necessity. The Gerontologist, 41(1), 34-42.

Robison, J. T., & Moen, P. (2000). A life-course perspective on housing expectations and shifts in late midlife. Research on Aging, 22(5), 499-532.

Walker, L., Gruman, C., & Robison, J. (1999). Medicaid eligibility workers discuss Medicaid estate planning for nursing home care. The Gerontologist, 39(2), 201-208.

Robison, J., Moen, P., & Dempster-McClain, D. (1995). Women's caregiving: Changing profiles and pathways. Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, 50B(6), S362-S373.

Moen, P., Robison, J., & Fields, V. (1994). Women's work and caregiving roles: A life course approach. Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, 49(4), S176-S186.

Educational Contribution
Fellows (MD)
Residents (MD)
Graduate students (MPH, PhD)
Undergraduate students (MD, DDS)

Contact Information
Phone: 860-679-4278
Fax: 860-679-1307
E-mail: jrobison@uchc.edu 

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